Peter Chan

My name is Peter Chan and I am 58 years old. I am just an ordinary person like everybody, going to work day in and day out. I was serving in a security company until something drastic happen to me in 2014.

I have a fall and my life change drastically after that.

I suffered spinal cord injury and was bed bound most of the time. I cannot do all the daily needs like eating, toileting, changing, bathing by myself and is totally dependent on others.

I was put in Bethany Nursing Home as my wife need to work and cannot take care of me.

In 2015, my body start to have changes. My hands and my head can lift up.  During February 2015, the manager of Bethany Nursing Home told me that is possible to go home if I can bring in a maid. So my wife started sourcing for a suitable maid who can take care of me.

In the meantime, Bethany Nursing Home introduce me to Pei Yun from The Society For Physically Disabled(SPD) who recommends me some hardware and software so that I can use the computer as my hands are unable to type like a normal person. I was very happy and keen. She even told me that with the help of the equipment, I will be able to work again.

On 7 September 2015, I went home. My new maid take care of all my needs and I begin to improve in my condition.  SPD loaned me the required computer software and hardware in which I can use my cheek to type the computer.

They also help me to apply to SGEnable for the funding as the equipment is very expensive.

As the days go by, my hands and legs are getting stronger, I start practising more and more on the computer.  I begin to be able to type faster and faster using the sensory software (The Grid 2).

In 2016, SPD Pei Yun again introduce me to go and attend the AutoCad course in the SGEnable Village in Redhill. I begin to use more and more of the computer and I also make many new friends who are also disabled like me. We encourage each other and my confidence begin to build up. One day, Pei Yun came and tell me that she has selected me to be interview by Mediacorp as they want to do a short filming of how disabled people use assistive technology. The filming was later telecast on Channel 8 Hello Singapore segment in June 2016. The link to watch the telecast can be found here:

As I gain more confidence, I start looking for a job through the online job portal but to no success. In May 2016, Ms Jo from Touch Communities introduce me to Bizlink to look for a data entry job. But to my disappointment, they do not have any vacancies and they direct my case to Ms Audrey from SGEnable who later become my job coach. Through her, I started attending courses again. The courses covered are Microsoft Powerpoint 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013, Foundation in IT courses and How to become a Professional Call Agent. In June 2016, Ms Audrey introduce me to the Pet Widget boss Mr Ivan Loh.  After seeing and interviewing me, Mr Ivan Loh offered me a job as a freelance data entry clerk. My job is to key in all the pet records into an Excel Worksheet and later uploading it into their platform. I continue doing it for four months until they decided to upgrade their platform. Because of that, I was jobless again. I start searching for job again. Ms Audrey also help me by introducing me to Mr Enos who want me to monitor the stocks in the Singapore, Hongkong and UK markets. As this is a time sensitive job, I was not able to manage due to my speed. I started looking for other jobs but to no avail. I begin to feel very down and negative thoughts start coming in. I feel that I am a useless person and nobody wants me.

In Feb 2017, I receive a call from Ms Audrey. She asked me to go for an interview with ServeHope in Paya Lebar. Before I went, she gave me a link to read up about the company. I found out that 50% of their employees were disabled. This gives me the confidence to go for the interview. When I reach there, I was introduced to Auntie Grace who later offered me a job as an IT Support Officer in their company. She even signed me up for many online courses offered through Udemy. I started to learn how to use WordPress, SEO plugin and other relevant courses which will help in creating websites. I started work on the 15 March 2017 and was mentored and coached by Mr Bobby Wee. Through him, I start to know more about the company and I also pick up some skills. I am very grateful to Auntie Grace who give disabled people like me a chance to work in ServeHope. She is not only giving us a shot at work but she is helping us to build up our self-confidence and esteem again. A SALUTE to Auntie Grace for her kind and compassionate heart for people like us. To all disabled people like me, do not be discouraged as there is hope in this world with people like Auntie Grace.

I would like to encourage all PWDs, do not let negative thoughts take control of your mind.

BE POSITIVE, take charge and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Quoting from the bible in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength”




Hi, I’m Eugene, I suffered from Cerebral Palsy since I was born with the condition and it doesn’t effect my speech, only physical movement. I learn to walk at the age of 9, with aid(Rolator till now) when I was in primary 3. School life is a roller coaster ride bullied by classmates(Verbal Abuse).

7 Years without Jobs it’s been tough looking for jobs outside because of my physical condition I would like to encourage people with disability to not give up I believe with motivation and determination you can succeed. THERE’S A SILVER LINING FOR EVERYONE AND OPPORTUNITY IF WE SEEK. NEVER GIVE UP

I came across ServeHope through recommendation of Church Precher. My job at ServeHope is Mobile Marketing, my dreams is to work hard and earn a living and be independent. I thank ServeHope, for letting me work with them.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my caregiver for taking care of me for the past 19 years, without her help I would not have completed my studies.

Additional Information
I love to learn foreign language Korean, Spanish and more Watch Korean Drama Listening to K – Pop and English Music

Bobby (part 2)

It has been almost three years since I joined ServeHope. Some changes are made to my work. Perhaps I shall share some with you. Comparing to past years, I have my scope of work changed from data entry to web related assignments and email marketing. ServeHope expands my potential in websites maintenance and expose me to learn more. I have learned to use some softwares such as, WordPress, MyVideoTalk, Constant Contact, SBI, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Learning the software is not a simple task. There is no one to ask. I have to explore on my own. Luckily, some softwares provide video tutorials and help files to assist me in my learning. I may not have completely mastered all skills but as long as I am willing to learn, there should not be a problem. Keep on practicing. 

Whenever a problem is encountered, I will google for solutions. I am doing constant updates to our ServeHope and iWishClub websites, newsletters and flyers. Gradually, I gain more in depth knowledge of MS office skills. I am free to use my creativity when designing logos, no restrictions.

When I made a mistake, my boss will email/call me if immediate change is required. My boss is very patient with me. At the end of every month, workloads start to increase and the company understands it. Once a while, the company will check on my progress. Adjustments are made so that workloads are spread evenly.

About my health, there is no improvement. My speech has deteriorated, making me unable to convey messages on the phone clearly. That does not refrain me from learning. Other than my speech, I am fine overall. Life has to go on. Every day, I will try to stay away from my pc after few hours of using it.

It is not easy to find jobs nowadays, especially for people with disabilities. It is even harder to secure a job if you do not constantly upgrade yourself. If you have difficulties attending courses outside your comfort zone, you can always learn from the web at your home. Opportunity comes once and never twice unless you are lucky. Always be grateful with what you have now and cherish it. I am thankful that ServeHope gives me the opportunity that not everyone can get. Keep on trying and build your confidence even if you fail. Do not give up learning new things. It may come in useful in time to come. Click here for Part 1.

Joshua Rajkumar


My name is Joshua. I am a Singaporean aged 42, and have been visually handicapped since birth. I have been diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma in both eyes.

Even though I can see only partially and had difficulty in my school work, I thank God for a supportive family who helped me to complete my GCE O Levels. My teachers and classmates were also helpful.

After my GCE O Levels, I took up Telephone Operation, Telemarketing, Computer Courses, etc.

I am determined to be independent as much as possible and have a passion to be successful in life. My role models are Madam Curie and Stevie Wonder, both totally blind.

I joined ServeHope in 2008 as a Telemarketing Consultant.

I am thankful to Ms Grace Wong, Founder of ServeHope Pte Ltd for training and creating jobs for People With Disability (PWD) jobs such as in Admin, Web Support, Sales & Marketing etc. I enjoy working in ServeHope because we work together, as a family in unity with people with various types of disabilities.

Indeed ServeHope is a company that serves to give hope to People With Disabilities.

Edwin Chew

I am diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 5, when my parents discovered I had difficulties in climbing up the stairs. This had something to do with my mum who faced problem climbing up the stairs when she turned 18. blood test revealed the truth that my mum was the carrier, when my parents brought me to the specialist at the old TTSH . That was hard to accept such a cruel truth.

When I was 5,I was not walking and running properly. Suffering from this disease ,my muscles weakens overtime. But still I manage went through mainstream education in normal schools. All along, my mum was always there for me despite her own plight.

I start having difficulties in getting up from my seats , as I get older, often complaint about having cramps on my calf muscles. At the age of between 8 to 9, I fell down as more than often. On seeing that my parents, decided to get me a wheelchair, and so I became confined to a wheelchair at the age of 10.

But it was not over yet, later I get to know more about Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. I knew I may not live over the age 25, at the most 30. But who knows for sure. I used to be able to bath and dress myself, now at the age of 26 I cannot even hold a pen or feed myself, which I am still able to do 2 to 3 years back.

Since completing my Higher NITEC in Accounting in mid 2006, i had been looking for jobs for 5 years, i was constantly trying to upgrade myself, learning new things. A rare chance came upon in 2011 when i came to know about ServeHope through Muscular Dystrophy Association that i decided to go for an interview.

Upon interview i immediately got the job as a telemarketer. Since, then I have been looking for home based job. I came across a rare opportunity, through one of the VWOs, they had a vacancy for a data entry job and so I forwarded my resume. A few weeks later, I was called up to go for an interview ,with this company called ServeHope employing persons with disabilities.

It was pouring on the morning of the interview, still my mum accompanied me to the interview. The rain did not put off the hope for an rare opportunity to get a job. It the end I got this telemarketing job, it was a challenge for me, I cannot hold or even pick up the phone.

I joined ServeHope as a tele-sales marketer, On June 2011, using Skype to make calls. I faced many difficulties as a newbie in this job, thanks to the advice i received advice from Aunty Grace, my superior acting as my mentor as well as an advisory. She gave me useful advice on the difficulties I faced with.

I appreciate their willingness to give me the chance to prove myself, and at been keen in giving me help and support on the job. I hope to help ServeHope get more people to know them to show my appreciation.

(Updates) Through the past couple of months that I had been with ServeHope, I had learned a has been tough calling up people, getting them to know more about ServeHope. Eventually, responding to support I Wish Club. From zero sales, i slowly began to built up my sales after the first few months, although I had made not over 5 sales so far, I find it somewhat fruitful.

I recognize the importance of building rapport with customers, working with my colleagues with different disablities and capabilities,it is important to have team spirit. Ones capabilities compliment for disabilities, is a great challenge to work as a team thus learning from one another. Nevertheless, its all about team building. I had been grateful to ServeHope for giving me that opportunity in life.

I would still have more to explore, and will to it.

Helen Chong

Hi! I am Helen Chong and was an accountant/secretary.

I had heart problems when I was five years old and underwent 2 operations when I turned 12 years old. My illness took a turn for the better under the love and care of my parents but I was exempted from many forms of activities as advised by the doctor. Henceforth my outdoor activities were very uneventful and I was very pessimistic about life. I confided to my parents and siblings regarding my aspirations to be an accountant. They gave me their moral support, and I was able to fulfill my career wish despite my relapses throughout.

I met my husband and was married at the age of 24. By a stroke of wonder, God gifted me with a son despite my health problems. I am also thankful that I have a caring mother-in-law and husband there to help me overcome any crises that I encounter. Unfortunately, in the year 2000, I was attacked by a mild stroke and my health started declining again. In 2004 I was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2nd stage and had to undergo chemotherapy. I was devastated, firstly because of my health problems, and secondly because my beloved mum died of stomach cancer in June that year. I almost surrendered my life. I wondered whether God was punishing me because I had led a sinful life. Nonetheless, I told myself a firm “no”, and forced myself to rise out of my depression. Using my mum as a source of inspiration, I constantly reminded myself about how she retained her fighting spirit and will to live on despite being in the terminal stage of stomach cancer.

I realized that I have been very selfish and thoughtless to my family despite their endurance and tolerance for my weird and sometimes-bad temper. However badly I behaved sometimes, my caring son and husband were always there to comfort me and lend me their moral support. Due to my health and the fact that I had to give up my full-time job, I again became pessimistic and depressed. My son told me that I should be more hopeful in life and made arrangements for me to engage in home-based work to occupy my time in the house.

I was recommended to Servehope and my first meeting with Grace and Uncle Chu gave me a deep impression. Grace welcomed me with a warmth and sincerity which at once made me feel comfortable and at ease. After joining Servehope I have become relatively knowledgeable about data entry and it has helped to enhance my quality of life. Countless words of encouragement and enlightenment from Grace and Uncle Chu and other colleagues such as Timothy, CC Yeo, Jeremy, and Wendy Ng have also helped to uplift my perspective in life. Through them, I have learnt to crystallize the memories of my good times in my mind, and to treasure my loved ones and people around me.


As a disabled person born with Cerebral Palsy, I do lack fine skills in my motor coordination. This lack of fine skills would affect me adversely and slow down my movements in everything that I do; most especially when it comes to work. Due to this lack of motor coordination in skill control, I do have a special keyboard-guard that has been custom made to fit to the keyboard. With the keyboard-guard onto the keyboard, I am able to type in the right keys without pressing the rest of the other nearby keys. Yet my speed efficiency slows me down when I struggle to meet datelines of assignments that needed to be completed on time. Prior to my working life, I would be doing freelancing work for people most of the time. I also would equip myself with basic computing knowledge through the courses I attended. These computing studies have grown my understanding of IT operations.

Since 1st March 2008 when I joined ServeHope Pte Ltd, I started working as Data Entry Assistant. Through this position, it has allowed me to practice the computing skills in my daily work. In doing so, I am able to produce quality work for the company. In 2008 as a new staff trainee of two months into the job, I clearly remember how I had to rush my work throughout the day and night for the PowerPoint presentation to be completed within three days in that week. During those times, I really struggled through typing out the words. Each typed word would take me about 1–2 minutes in order to ensure that the spelling was correct. During working time, I would try to communicate with my colleagues about anything under the sun from work-related issues to social aspects of life.

Today as IT Support Assistant staff, I thank ServeHope for helping me to gain self-confidence to work in full capacity of my ability. I also thank the company that I can learn website maintenance whenever they need me to update the website.My future dream is to be a good writer/author of writing articles or producing books that tackle moral issues (secular and church perspective of viewpoint) facing by the society in the world today. Also, I hope to be a good speaker to the audience at large through clarity of my speech. Through writing and speaking, it is my dream to be an inspirational person.