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Peter Chan

My name is Peter Chan and I am 58 years old. I am just an ordinary person like everybody, going to work day in and day out. I was serving in a security company until something drastic happen to me in 2014.

I have a fall and my life change drastically after that.

I suffered spinal cord injury and was bed bound most of the time. I cannot do all the daily needs like eating, toileting, changing, bathing by myself and is totally dependent on others.

I was put in Bethany Nursing Home as my wife need to work and cannot take care of me.

In 2015, my body start to have changes. My hands and my head can lift up.  During February 2015, the manager of Bethany Nursing Home told me that is possible to go home if I can bring in a maid. So my wife started sourcing for a suitable maid who can take care of me.

In the meantime, Bethany Nursing Home introduce me to Pei Yun from The Society For Physically Disabled(SPD) who recommends me some hardware and software so that I can use the computer as my hands are unable to type like a normal person. I was very happy and keen. She even told me that with the help of the equipment, I will be able to work again.

On 7 September 2015, I went home. My new maid take care of all my needs and I begin to improve in my condition.  SPD loaned me the required computer software and hardware in which I can use my cheek to type the computer.

They also help me to apply to SGEnable for the funding as the equipment is very expensive.

As the days go by, my hands and legs are getting stronger, I start practising more and more on the computer.  I begin to be able to type faster and faster using the sensory software (The Grid 2).

In 2016, SPD Pei Yun again introduce me to go and attend the AutoCad course in the SGEnable Village in Redhill. I begin to use more and more of the computer and I also make many new friends who are also disabled like me. We encourage each other and my confidence begin to build up. One day, Pei Yun came and tell me that she has selected me to be interview by Mediacorp as they want to do a short filming of how disabled people use assistive technology. The filming was later telecast on Channel 8 Hello Singapore segment in June 2016. The link to watch the telecast can be found here:

As I gain more confidence, I start looking for a job through the online job portal but to no success. In May 2016, Ms Jo from Touch Communities introduce me to Bizlink to look for a data entry job. But to my disappointment, they do not have any vacancies and they direct my case to Ms Audrey from SGEnable who later become my job coach. Through her, I started attending courses again. The courses covered are Microsoft Powerpoint 2013, Microsoft Excel 2013, Foundation in IT courses and How to become a Professional Call Agent. In June 2016, Ms Audrey introduce me to the Pet Widget boss Mr Ivan Loh.  After seeing and interviewing me, Mr Ivan Loh offered me a job as a freelance data entry clerk. My job is to key in all the pet records into an Excel Worksheet and later uploading it into their platform. I continue doing it for four months until they decided to upgrade their platform. Because of that, I was jobless again. I start searching for job again. Ms Audrey also help me by introducing me to Mr Enos who want me to monitor the stocks in the Singapore, Hongkong and UK markets. As this is a time sensitive job, I was not able to manage due to my speed. I started looking for other jobs but to no avail. I begin to feel very down and negative thoughts start coming in. I feel that I am a useless person and nobody wants me.

In Feb 2017, I receive a call from Ms Audrey. She asked me to go for an interview with ServeHope in Paya Lebar. Before I went, she gave me a link to read up about the company. I found out that 50% of their employees were disabled. This gives me the confidence to go for the interview. When I reach there, I was introduced to Auntie Grace who later offered me a job as an IT Support Officer in their company. She even signed me up for many online courses offered through Udemy. I started to learn how to use WordPress, SEO plugin and other relevant courses which will help in creating websites. I started work on the 15 March 2017 and was mentored and coached by Mr Bobby Wee. Through him, I start to know more about the company and I also pick up some skills. I am very grateful to Auntie Grace who give disabled people like me a chance to work in ServeHope. She is not only giving us a shot at work but she is helping us to build up our self-confidence and esteem again. A SALUTE to Auntie Grace for her kind and compassionate heart for people like us. To all disabled people like me, do not be discouraged as there is hope in this world with people like Auntie Grace.

I would like to encourage all PWDs, do not let negative thoughts take control of your mind.

BE POSITIVE, take charge and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Quoting from the bible in Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength”