Bobby (part 2)

It has been almost three years since I joined ServeHope. Some changes are made to my work. Perhaps I shall share some with you. Comparing to past years, I have my scope of work changed from data entry to web related assignments and email marketing. ServeHope expands my potential in websites maintenance and expose me to learn more. I have learned to use some softwares such as, WordPress, MyVideoTalk, Constant Contact, SBI, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Learning the software is not a simple task. There is no one to ask. I have to explore on my own. Luckily, some softwares provide video tutorials and help files to assist me in my learning. I may not have completely mastered all skills but as long as I am willing to learn, there should not be a problem. Keep on practicing. 

Whenever a problem is encountered, I will google for solutions. I am doing constant updates to our ServeHope and iWishClub websites, newsletters and flyers. Gradually, I gain more in depth knowledge of MS office skills. I am free to use my creativity when designing logos, no restrictions.

When I made a mistake, my boss will email/call me if immediate change is required. My boss is very patient with me. At the end of every month, workloads start to increase and the company understands it. Once a while, the company will check on my progress. Adjustments are made so that workloads are spread evenly.

About my health, there is no improvement. My speech has deteriorated, making me unable to convey messages on the phone clearly. That does not refrain me from learning. Other than my speech, I am fine overall. Life has to go on. Every day, I will try to stay away from my pc after few hours of using it.

It is not easy to find jobs nowadays, especially for people with disabilities. It is even harder to secure a job if you do not constantly upgrade yourself. If you have difficulties attending courses outside your comfort zone, you can always learn from the web at your home. Opportunity comes once and never twice unless you are lucky. Always be grateful with what you have now and cherish it. I am thankful that ServeHope gives me the opportunity that not everyone can get. Keep on trying and build your confidence even if you fail. Do not give up learning new things. It may come in useful in time to come. Click here for Part 1.


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