Joshua Rajkumar


My name is Joshua. I am a Singaporean aged 42, and have been visually handicapped since birth. I have been diagnosed with Congenital Glaucoma in both eyes.

Even though I can see only partially and had difficulty in my school work, I thank God for a supportive family who helped me to complete my GCE O Levels. My teachers and classmates were also helpful.

After my GCE O Levels, I took up Telephone Operation, Telemarketing, Computer Courses, etc.

I am determined to be independent as much as possible and have a passion to be successful in life. My role models are Madam Curie and Stevie Wonder, both totally blind.

I joined ServeHope in 2008 as a Telemarketing Consultant.

I am thankful to Ms Grace Wong, Founder of ServeHope Pte Ltd for training and creating jobs for People With Disability (PWD) jobs such as in Admin, Web Support, Sales & Marketing etc. I enjoy working in ServeHope because we work together, as a family in unity with people with various types of disabilities.

Indeed ServeHope is a company that serves to give hope to People With Disabilities.


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