Edwin Chew

I am diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 5, when my parents discovered I had difficulties in climbing up the stairs. This had something to do with my mum who faced problem climbing up the stairs when she turned 18. blood test revealed the truth that my mum was the carrier, when my parents brought me to the specialist at the old TTSH . That was hard to accept such a cruel truth.

When I was 5,I was not walking and running properly. Suffering from this disease ,my muscles weakens overtime. But still I manage went through mainstream education in normal schools. All along, my mum was always there for me despite her own plight.

I start having difficulties in getting up from my seats , as I get older, often complaint about having cramps on my calf muscles. At the age of between 8 to 9, I fell down as more than often. On seeing that my parents, decided to get me a wheelchair, and so I became confined to a wheelchair at the age of 10.

But it was not over yet, later I get to know more about Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. I knew I may not live over the age 25, at the most 30. But who knows for sure. I used to be able to bath and dress myself, now at the age of 26 I cannot even hold a pen or feed myself, which I am still able to do 2 to 3 years back.

Since completing my Higher NITEC in Accounting in mid 2006, i had been looking for jobs for 5 years, i was constantly trying to upgrade myself, learning new things. A rare chance came upon in 2011 when i came to know about ServeHope through Muscular Dystrophy Association that i decided to go for an interview.

Upon interview i immediately got the job as a telemarketer. Since, then I have been looking for home based job. I came across a rare opportunity, through one of the VWOs, they had a vacancy for a data entry job and so I forwarded my resume. A few weeks later, I was called up to go for an interview ,with this company called ServeHope employing persons with disabilities.

It was pouring on the morning of the interview, still my mum accompanied me to the interview. The rain did not put off the hope for an rare opportunity to get a job. It the end I got this telemarketing job, it was a challenge for me, I cannot hold or even pick up the phone.

I joined ServeHope as a tele-sales marketer, On June 2011, using Skype to make calls. I faced many difficulties as a newbie in this job, thanks to the advice i received advice from Aunty Grace, my superior acting as my mentor as well as an advisory. She gave me useful advice on the difficulties I faced with.

I appreciate their willingness to give me the chance to prove myself, and at been keen in giving me help and support on the job. I hope to help ServeHope get more people to know them to show my appreciation.

(Updates) Through the past couple of months that I had been with ServeHope, I had learned a lot.it has been tough calling up people, getting them to know more about ServeHope. Eventually, responding to support I Wish Club. From zero sales, i slowly began to built up my sales after the first few months, although I had made not over 5 sales so far, I find it somewhat fruitful.

I recognize the importance of building rapport with customers, working with my colleagues with different disablities and capabilities,it is important to have team spirit. Ones capabilities compliment for disabilities, is a great challenge to work as a team thus learning from one another. Nevertheless, its all about team building. I had been grateful to ServeHope for giving me that opportunity in life.

I would still have more to explore, and will to it.


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