The psalmist says, “the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want even though I walk through the valley of death, I shall not be in want, I will fear no evil for you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me” (Psalm 23:1,4).

I would like to give all glory to God,telling me how much He loves me and has led me through two major ordeals over the last 8 years. My first ordeal happened in 1999 during my confinement, I had a ruptured appendix during this period I was operated on twice. Yet I thank God for being faithful how He has provided me a very good surgeon during the critical period that He had saved my life.

My second ordeal happened 3-4 years when I was down with very high fever and my hubby brought me to the hospital the Singapore General Hospital where I was diagnosed with bacteria meningitis was admitted and stayed for 2 months and for almost 1 week. I was in the high dependency unit for the first 2 weeks I could not move or make a sound I was totally motionless the doctor in charge even told my husband to prepare for the worst she said even if I recover I may become a vegetable as 20 percent of my brain was affected by the bacteria.

I thank God for His grace as has blessed me with many people who prayed for me in did god has performed a miracle on me. In addition, He has blessed me with a very loving mother in law who visited me in hospital everyday. God has also blessed me with a very loving husband who was there for me even though he was very busy with his work outside. He has never failed to visit me in the hospital regularly. He took time to give me a face massage while playing songs on radio for me to listen when I was in a coma. I am very thankful to my mother in law and my hubby. They have tirelessly provided for me as I was recovering gradually especially most of my senses and movements came back slowly. Through my ordeal, I have learnt to be very patient. I have also learnt to be humble.

I used to work in an MNC where I had to communicate with people from all walks of life. But since my illness, my speech has affected my communication and it has become much of a challenge to me when I converse with people. Nevertheless, I don’t want to give up as I promised God that I want to be able to serve him in teaching Sunday school. I think I am rather fortunate that I can do many things on my own. I can even do simple housework.

At work, I do also want to thank auntie Grace and uncle Chu for hiring me under their employment to work as a data entry person for their encouragement and patience.

Tim, Bobby and Jeremy have shown me their encouragement – telling me not to give up trying to do my work. I would like to help ServeHope in the area of business development. I do hope that my speech will have much clarity when I speak to people.


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