As a disabled person born with Cerebral Palsy, I do lack fine skills in my motor coordination. This lack of fine skills would affect me adversely and slow down my movements in everything that I do; most especially when it comes to work. Due to this lack of motor coordination in skill control, I do have a special keyboard-guard that has been custom made to fit to the keyboard. With the keyboard-guard onto the keyboard, I am able to type in the right keys without pressing the rest of the other nearby keys. Yet my speed efficiency slows me down when I struggle to meet datelines of assignments that needed to be completed on time. Prior to my working life, I would be doing freelancing work for people most of the time. I also would equip myself with basic computing knowledge through the courses I attended. These computing studies have grown my understanding of IT operations.

Since 1st March 2008 when I joined ServeHope Pte Ltd, I started working as Data Entry Assistant. Through this position, it has allowed me to practice the computing skills in my daily work. In doing so, I am able to produce quality work for the company. In 2008 as a new staff trainee of two months into the job, I clearly remember how I had to rush my work throughout the day and night for the PowerPoint presentation to be completed within three days in that week. During those times, I really struggled through typing out the words. Each typed word would take me about 1–2 minutes in order to ensure that the spelling was correct. During working time, I would try to communicate with my colleagues about anything under the sun from work-related issues to social aspects of life.

Today as IT Support Assistant staff, I thank ServeHope for helping me to gain self-confidence to work in full capacity of my ability. I also thank the company that I can learn website maintenance whenever they need me to update the website.My future dream is to be a good writer/author of writing articles or producing books that tackle moral issues (secular and church perspective of viewpoint) facing by the society in the world today. Also, I hope to be a good speaker to the audience at large through clarity of my speech. Through writing and speaking, it is my dream to be an inspirational person.


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