Helen Chong

Hi! I am Helen Chong and was an accountant/secretary.

I had heart problems when I was five years old and underwent 2 operations when I turned 12 years old. My illness took a turn for the better under the love and care of my parents but I was exempted from many forms of activities as advised by the doctor. Henceforth my outdoor activities were very uneventful and I was very pessimistic about life. I confided to my parents and siblings regarding my aspirations to be an accountant. They gave me their moral support, and I was able to fulfill my career wish despite my relapses throughout.

I met my husband and was married at the age of 24. By a stroke of wonder, God gifted me with a son despite my health problems. I am also thankful that I have a caring mother-in-law and husband there to help me overcome any crises that I encounter. Unfortunately, in the year 2000, I was attacked by a mild stroke and my health started declining again. In 2004 I was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2nd stage and had to undergo chemotherapy. I was devastated, firstly because of my health problems, and secondly because my beloved mum died of stomach cancer in June that year. I almost surrendered my life. I wondered whether God was punishing me because I had led a sinful life. Nonetheless, I told myself a firm “no”, and forced myself to rise out of my depression. Using my mum as a source of inspiration, I constantly reminded myself about how she retained her fighting spirit and will to live on despite being in the terminal stage of stomach cancer.

I realized that I have been very selfish and thoughtless to my family despite their endurance and tolerance for my weird and sometimes-bad temper. However badly I behaved sometimes, my caring son and husband were always there to comfort me and lend me their moral support. Due to my health and the fact that I had to give up my full-time job, I again became pessimistic and depressed. My son told me that I should be more hopeful in life and made arrangements for me to engage in home-based work to occupy my time in the house.

I was recommended to Servehope and my first meeting with Grace and Uncle Chu gave me a deep impression. Grace welcomed me with a warmth and sincerity which at once made me feel comfortable and at ease. After joining Servehope I have become relatively knowledgeable about data entry and it has helped to enhance my quality of life. Countless words of encouragement and enlightenment from Grace and Uncle Chu and other colleagues such as Timothy, CC Yeo, Jeremy, and Wendy Ng have also helped to uplift my perspective in life. Through them, I have learnt to crystallize the memories of my good times in my mind, and to treasure my loved ones and people around me.


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