I am suffering from degenerative disease since I was in my teens. Some of the symptoms’ are slurred speech, in coordination of weak limbs, tremors and instability slow movements. Currently, I am on long term medications including routine visits to my doctor. I am trying to keep my condition stable.

It has been a struggle finding a job as my condition limits me on the type of job I can do. As I am unable to use public transport, taxi is the only choice. Traveling is a major problem to me as I require assistance getting a taxi. Even though I am wheel-chaired bound (manual), I am unable to move myself when the surface is uneven or slopped.

I need to secure a job so that I can be financially independent with no worries. Past few years of searching led me to jobs that are temporary or part time basis. I seldom step out of my comfort zone (my house) as I do not want to trouble anyone every time I step out. I do not want my family to worry about me. Well, I like surfing Internet, playing simple online games when I am free to keep my brain on the move.

I am surprised when Servehope calls me up for an interview after several unsuccessful attempts. Servehope offers jobs to people with disabilities and I am grateful to that. I am given the chance to work at home, doing data entry, with flexible working hour. It has been a year since I joined Servehope in March 2009.

It may not help much financially but it gives me a sense of security. Servehope unleashes the potential in me. Working in Servehope made me learnt skills that build up my creativity and confidence.

When I was young, I dream of becoming a doctor to save lives. Hopefully, in the advanced medical society, there is a cure for my condition. Now, I do not dream of anything unrealistic. What I want is to lead a simple life and contribute to my family.

To the people who are facing difficulties: Do not give up trying. There is Hope if you try.

Lastly, I will like to thank my family members. To my friends that helped me through my tertiary years, for all the memories I had with all of you. I will like to thank Servehope for giving me an opportunity to work. Click here for Part 2.


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